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Zaiden is a multi instrumentalist, singer, and artist from Austin, Texas who independently released his debut project titled ‘Wizard Tale’ which is described as: "a fantasy inspired mix tape with cartoonish-like production along with acoustic blends.”


The mixtape goes in depth with the complex dualities of life through relationships, friendships, and escapism. Looking for a reason to stay hopeful in dire times.. all with a fun twist.


The sound is inspired from the most rawest things in the world. Nature and debatably the occult.


He has now, followed up this project with a new phase, starting with the single “Mermaid”. A dance, electro – pop track which really ‘brings you’ into the world, and where the state of ‘Wizard’ (which is Zaiden’s alias) is at now in his story.

Quotes from a fan in the Philippines, regarding the new song: “I’m downloading it finally! Super duper proud of you!”

Zaiden claims ‘only his people will resonate with, and connect to it. Which was the plan all along.’

Now only a few, have truly known about his mysterious origins. Zaiden has been reincarnated several times throughout history, always coming back, looking for his lost people and fireflies (which he respectfully calls his fans and supporters). Only when humanity is coming into distraught times, and eras of conflict, he comes to help ‘ascend’ Earth back into a higher frequency. ‘The power is in our numbers’ says Zaiden. These are some of the reasons you’ll hear elements of spiritual warfare, coping with wrath, and truths relevant to the times we are living in, within his lyrics.

It always takes 20 years for ‘Wizard’ to remember his life purpose, during each life cycle, and to separate from his mortal parents, back onto his life path, wondering the Earth in search of his fireflies.

“Some people take this as a ‘goofy’ persona til they meet me in person, and realize how very real this all is.” Says Zaiden.

Which you’ll always catch him stylized in green, to symbolize the heart chakra, for him to embody that energy for himself and his people.


Origin:  Austin,TX

Genres:  Darkwave/Pop


Years Active:  2012- Present


Label:  Unsigned


Website: zaidenmusic.com

Press Quotes:

* "With a vast array of styles and a full production sound, its hard to 

believe this all came from one artist."  




* "You have a unique sound. How did that develop for you?"   

-Barebones Ent via interview




Label:   unsigned


Management: Zaiden | theofficialzaiden@gmail.com


Booking: Zaiden | theofficialzaiden@gmail.com


PR: Wendy Ford |  wendytank2@gmail.com