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Zaiden is a singer, producer, and artist from Austin, TX. He explores the trials and tribulations of life through lyrics and uses the rawest elements in the world for production, Mother Nature Herself; All by creating a fun world of fantasies and mysticism.


He released his debut mixtape in early 2018, with little push but stemmed the growth and direction for where he would go with his brand. He is now back with his Single 'Ol Bad One' with a more evolved sound, and upgraded production.


Zaiden Music tells stories with his lyrics and paints pictures with his music. With new track, Ol’ Bad One, Zaiden music uses dark wave musicality to set us off in a fictional world where the main character of the track is struggling to stay moral and void of tribulations to awaken more raw energy within himself. It is currently available on all streaming platforms (including Youtube) along with an accompanying music video.


About The Artist:

Zaiden is a darkwave pop artist from Austin, Texas that is known by most of his fans and listeners as 'Zaiden of Oz,' 'The Enchanted,' or ‘The Wizard,’ likened to his first album Wizard Tale which was released in early 2018, and is available to download in its entirety on his website



Origin:  Austin,TX

Genres:  Darkwave/ Tribal


Years Active:  2018- Present


Label:  Unsigned



Press Quotes:

* "With a vast array of styles and a full production sound, its hard to 

believe this all came from one artist."



* "You have a unique sound. How did that develop for you?"   

-Barebones Ent via interview




Label:   unsigned


Management: Zaiden |


Booking: Zaiden |


PR: Chelsea Devries |



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